Major Projects

Major Projects work completed

  • A package of “Library Information System” in COBOL, dBase III Plus, Visual FoxPro, proceeding of this software was published in CSI communications Journal.
  • A Package of “Assessment of Performance of Branches at their Controlling Offices in Banks” in dBase III Plus, Proceeding of this software was published in CSI Communications Journal.
  • A Project on “Attitude of People towards Family Welfare Programmes” to measure general attitude of the people towards FWP (i.e. to estimate the proportion of the people having favourable attitude towards FWP) and impact of religious faith and practices, income and academic level. Since the survey was conducted within the AMU campus, the population for it consist of teaching, non-teaching and lower subordinate class of all faculties, colleges and schools of the AMU. The data had been compiled on computer by making programs in FORTRAN language and all the techniques of sampling was projected on computer including selection of data by Simple random sampling techniques. Mr. Abdul Aleem, Department of Statistics was the supervisor of this project as it was the part of M.Sc. study.
  • Analyse the data of “Aligarh Environment Study Project” funded by the International Institute of Environment & Development, London, U.K. through Centre for Science & Environment, New Delhi and I was solely responsible for development of computer programs for interaction and correlation-ship in living conditions, environmental problems, environmental status, facilities and amenities, financial status and social conditions etc. of Aligarh City for 3024 households surveyed data of 40 wards collected through a questionnaire having more than 200 pieces of information. Prof. R. H. Siddiqi was the Principal Investigator of this project.
  • I had developed software for computerisation for M.Sc. Engineering admissions at Z.H.College of Engineering & Technology, AMU. This software is in use for the last 16 years in the Civil Engineering Department. Prof. M. Jamil was the Co-ordinator of M.Sc. Engg. Admissions who encouraged performing M.Tech admissions though computer, later on Prof. R.D. Gupta continues till this session as Co-ordinator and software is being used every year.
  • Analyse and handled massive statistical data in connection with a U.G.C. research scheme of which Prof. Mohammed Shafi, Pro-Chancellor, Aligarh Muslim University was the Principal Investigator.
  • I have Established CAD Centre in Civil Engineering Department, Aligarh Muslim University from the primitive stage and developed programs of scientific and statistical applications for the use of Engineers in FORTRAN, BASIC & C Languages. This CAD Centre is now fully networked and Internet enabled on all computers through Campus Wide Network of Aligarh Muslim University.
  • Implemented VSAT Project to Faculty of Engineering & Technology (Very first Networking in AMU), planned network for faculty, prepared network charts and later the concept took in implementation through Wipro, New Delhi. Departments (viz. Applied Chemistry, Applied Physics, Applied Maths, Chemical Engg., Electrial Engg., Electronics Engg., Civil Engg.) of Faculty of Engineering & Technology were networked through UTP Cabling and connectivity for using Internet provided through VSAT (64 Kbps Shared, through ISP NICNET-IPAdvantage Server) and Switch/Routers/RAS installed in Civil Engineering Department. Prof. Aslam Qadeer was the Principal Investigator of the project funded by AICTE, UGC & AMU. After implementation of this project students & staff of Faculty of Engineering took advantage of using Internet freely for about 4 years 24 hrs on Internet ready computers. The facility has now withdrawn from NICSI by University Authority after successfully completed of 4 years when Campus Wide Networking of AMU had in effect with faster connectivity speed.
  • Developed Software named “Production Planning and Control”, this was a Mini ERP Concept, this project was the part of my MCA Project but later extended as and when concept arises. This project was developed under the supervision of Dr. Salim Beg, Reader, Department of Electronics Engineering, AMU, Aligarh. The highlights includes three types of billing (Domestic, Export, Excise), Financial Accounting (Ledgers, Account Balances, trial balance, balance sheet, profit & loss), expenses control, consumable control, manufacturing (Issue of Raw Material, Received items from Job work, movement of items in different process, polishing/finishing, convert to finished goods after assembly and then packing and sale), trading (Sale & Purchase), Machine Management (Purchase, repair, maintenance, Machine history etc.), orders management, Die/Pattern/Fixtures/Original Samples Control and Management etc. Quotations/Proforma Invoice Management, Price List, Catalogue with Items Photograph, The whole concept is integrated and tied up with financial vouchers, inventory/stock, accounts, management monitoring, market analysis, sales analysis, purchase analysis, orders analysis & pending orders, Excise registers (like RG 23 A Part I, RG 23 A Part II, PLA, Manufacturing Register, Register-4 etc.), Sales Tax reports, Sales Registers (UP Sale & Ex UP Sale, export sale), Purchase Registers (UP Purchase & Ex-UP Purchase), Transport & Freight Monitoring, Salary Management and Advance Control, Tax forms reports (like Form 3b, Form C, Form 31, Form H etc.), Raw Material Consumption Analysis, Consumables Analysis, Budget Control, Quotation, Pending C-form reminder letter, Account balance reminder letter, per unit cost of consumable & expenses accounts (individual monitoring), sales day register, sales year register, monthly sale register, average monthly sale, purchase day register, purchase year register, monthly purchase register, average monthly purchase, salary chart, leave register, attendance register, Over Time chart, monthly/yearly several reports/charts of employee for monitoring from different angles, average salary chart, bonus report, advance reports and ledgers, advance balances etc. This software includes EDP, MIS reports, EIS reports, and DIS reports and developed for management control & monitoring, these software includes more than 200 reports/lists in different angles for proper monitoring and management of business. In Export Management Part several documents like Proforma Invoice, Invoice, Packing List, Road Challan, Bill of Exchange, Bank covering letter, Forwarding Letter of Bank, Insurance declaration, Marine Insurance Declaration (Blank fills in the original sheet), Shipping Instruction, Shipping Summary, GSP Certificate (Blank fills in the original sheet), Certificate of Origin, Order Confirmation Letter, LCL Packing List, Bank Realization Certificate etc. were prepared and all possible analysis including sale register, CBM detail, order balances, order ledger, order summary, export expenses, Palate management, ECGC Management, Packing Credit Letter, Post Shipment letter with adjustment, FORM 144 management, DEPB Invoicing, 100s of reports for monitoring & management, Inner Box Steaker/Labels, Outer Box Steaker/Labels, Job Order, Manufacturing Order, Production Packing List, Production requirement, order requirement, are also ready. Initially these software were developed in Visual Basic & Microsoft Access and later it is converted to extended and has been completed in Visual FoxPro. The whole concept is the result of my original thinking and I have solely developed and completed these series of software. This software is somehow completed but there are always chances for improvement as ideas cannot grow in a day or software cannot be completely tested in a day. Work in this software extended keeping in mind that any type of manufacturer or any type of trader can control their whole business by using this concept. There are several new & innovative reports which I have prepared and incorporated in the software and thinking that a company where MIS department is establish, may feel better with the usage of these reports and formats in terms of Export Management, Salary Management, Excise Management, Tax Management, Marketing Management, Tax Forms Management, Human Resource Management/Employee Information & Management, Over Time Management, Sales Management, Purchase Management, Manufacturing Management, Expenses Control & Management, Consumables Control & Management, Advances Management, Raw Material Management, Process/Job work Management etc.