Sudhir Bansal




Specialization: Software Development, Data Processing, Survey Analysis, Networking Management, DBMS, Management Information System (MIS), Executive Information System (EIS), Decisive Information System (DIS), Systems Analysis & Designing, Primitive Study of Projects for computerisation, report preparation, databases planning, Data Flow, Implementation Planning, Management Monitoring, planning & preparing a computerise approach in any applications etc.

Major Projects work completed

A Project on “Attitude of People towards Family Welfare Programmes” to measure general attitude of the people towards FWP (i.e. to estimate the proportion of the people having favourable attitude towards FWP) and impact of religious faith and practices, income and academic level. Since the survey was conducted within the AMU campus, the population for it consist of teaching, non-teaching and lower subordinate class of all faculties, colleges and schools of the AMU. The data had been compiled on computer by making programs in FORTRAN language and all the techniques of sampling was projected on computer including selection of data by Simple random sampling techniques. Mr. Abdul Aleem, Department of Statistics was the supervisor of this project as it was the part of M.Sc. study.